About us. Mission

Recently, more and more people are thinking only about themselves and their interests. You agree that many, without even noticing it, are working to create "their own world", forgetting that cooperation is mutual development, kindness and mercy is inner joy and happiness. Why does the thought that together we are stronger, goes farther and farther from the minds of people? Why do we forget about sacrifice and help? Why have we forgotten how to be kind and listen to your heart?

The main goal of ARIAN is to unite people willing to help each other in the realization of the personal dreams of each participant in the system. 50% of the payments in the ARIAN investment fund are made on the principle of “previous at the expense of subsequent ones”. Such a “partial reservation” scheme even works in insurance companies, banks and pension funds. There is a lot of evidence. Do not agree? Prove the opposite!

The remaining 50% of the company's turnover is invested in forward-looking business models. One of the most stable areas in the investment portfolio of ARIAN is an established entertainment business. Food, water, air - all this comes first. And then what? Happiness, joy, the need for fun and relaxation - this will never take away! ARIAN INC. LTD has an extensive network of entertainment venues and gaming attractions. This direction shows excellent profitability due to the rapid turnover of funds. We never stand still and work on the “Modular Principle”, which helps quickly direct capital to the right branch, even in the face of possible market drawdowns.

owever, no self-confident company can do without the diversification of investment assets. due to the fact that today traffic and advertising are the most valuable resources of our time, there are also stabilization assets in the investment portfolio of the fund, that imply the support and development of an extensive network of Internet resources. A versatile approach to the distribution of finances gives the necessary maneuverability and is the key to a strong "financial foundation" of the ARIAN fund.

“What about oil, trading and investing in a super profitable market?” - you may ask. Without a doubt you have invested in Internet projects with similar slogans. It was proposed to invest, for example, in gold or oil production. Such companies appeared to be real professionals in their field, some gurus with secret knowledge and invaluable experience.

Have you ever wondered why, for example, a promising gold company needs small investors with deposits of $ 10? Our company has nothing against such projects. We want to convey to you that 98% of investment projects on the Internet work according to the principle: “previous at the expense of subsequent ones”. But most hide it and try to build happiness initially from lies.

We openly declare that the duration of the ARIAN system is limited only by the number of people interested in helping each other. Our team is making and will make every effort to ensure that our mutual aid fund works long and efficiently. Many are afraid of difficulties, are afraid of non-standard solutions, but not the team of ARIAN FUND! After all, if you are doing good, which, thanks to the contributions of other participants, returns triple to you, it inspires. And for this we are ready to work hard and selflessly. Once, having entered this stream, sooner or later, you begin to understand the social significance of the ARIAN foundation. And at the same time, the mutual benefit of such cooperation, which, in the long term, can last indefinitely, thanks to each of us.

On deception not to build happiness. The ARIAN.FUND team considers it important and necessary to convey to you the basic principle of our foundation, its mission and the “soul of the project”. Together we will accomplish much! Lets unite our dreams together with ARIAN!