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Got a dream? Ask for help!


What you dream about, what you are looking for, what you want to achieve, unfortunately, can remain only imaginary.

We are all different, with our desires and needs, with our troubles and victories...

Unfortunately, it is difficult to think about something great and high, as simple everyday problems prevent us from doing so. It is terrible that they may never be resolved.

Fate, statistics, truth of life - call it whatever you like.

If you have a dream that you deserve, declare it to all users of ARIAN.FUND and get material resources for its execution!

Do you need simulators for physical rehabilitation after an illness?

Do you have talents that cannot be developed without specialized equipment for which there are no funds yet?

Do you want to become the best master in the world in your field, but you do not have the financial opportunity to take part in the trainings of the worthy mentors?

Fell into a difficult life situation and you need help?

Write us about it right now!
Worthy desires, needs and dreams will be published in the charity section of the site, where your request can resonate in the hearts of many caring people! The most important dreams will be fulfilled by the ARIAN administration personally!

Remember, it is never shame and not too late to proceed. If you are worthy of your dream - prove it! And let nothing stop you.

How to send a request? Four steps to the dream.

In order to be able to receive financial assistance from other participants, by posting in the charity section of the site, you must:

1. Have an active account on the ARIAN.FUND website.

2. Have at least 1 active deposit of any amount.

3. Send your request to e-mail

3.1. The letter should:- Describe in detail your need to be fulfilled.- Attach a link to the video, which will be visible to all participants in the system, the video will be attached to your "Card", it will be in the charity section. The video must be uploaded to your personal YouTube channel. You can restrict access by reference, if you wish. In the video you should to give the date of the recording and your login on the site ARIAN.FUND.
In case of deletion of the video, your request will be blocked and removed from the charity section.
- Provide as much evidence as possible of the execution of the request. (For example, extracts from a medical institution or other supporting documents *, demonstrate your talent, and so on).
- Provide your full name, as well as the country and city of residence.
- Give your mobile phone number to which an SMS will be sent with a verification code. *
- Provide a link to at least 2 personal and "live" profiles on social networks.
- Attach 2 photos: a personal photo and your photo on the background of the site ARIAN.FUND, (it is recommended that your login in the system be visible on it.).

4. Optionally, provide additional information.

After the amount you need will be collected it is extremely important to confirm the fact of the fulfillment of your desire. Provide a video confirming the purchase of goods. Send checks or other documents confirming the expenditure of the raised funds for their intended purpose.

* The data in these points can be transferred in case of a reasonable request from any user of the system meeting the following conditions:
a) the amount of active deposits is at least $ 500;
b) a minimum of 1 donation for the amount must be made to the person whose data is requested not less than $ 25.

Fulfill the wishes. Find out who needs help.

Support the one who deserves your help and stay in his heart forever.