«Blockchain» lottery


Lottery ticket will solve everything!

Drive, excitement, profit and fun - the lottery from ARIAN.FUND will give you that!

ARIAN has its own internal lottery, the winners are determined by the system on a weekly, fully automatic basis.

How it works?

Each registered user has the opportunity to participate in a fully random Blockchain lottery. You just need to buy a lottery ticket! Prizes are drawn automatically every 5 days. You can immediately withdraw received reward to your account to the Perfect Money payment system or invest and continue to make a profit!

At the moment, the purchase of lottery tickets is possible only if you have funds on the balance of the Perfect Money payment system. The more tickets you bought, the more chances of winning you get!

For example, 100 tickets were purchased, which means that the lottery bank now is $ 1000.

Lets calculate the possible reward for the "Winners" group:

1 place gets 50% of the lottery bank. (The reward is $ 500).

2nd place gets 50% of the lottery bank. (The reward is $ 500).

What happens if the lottery bank is too small?

Can the lottery fail?

The lottery becomes profitable for absolutely every participant, provided that its minimum bank at the time of the draw is at least $ 30, which is why the draw is held every 5 calendar days. During this time, the lottery bank is more likely to be replenished with an amount well over $ 30, since the lottery is the component of our advertising campaign.

If at the time of final selection of the next round in the lottery bank there is no amount of $ 30, then an hour before the results are determined, the system will move the date of the draw 3 days later. After this time, the winners of the lottery will be determined automatically, in any case.

It should be understood that the above described the most unfavorable scenario in the lottery, the probability of which is extremely small and may never happen.

ARIAN INC. LTD believes that there should be no misunderstandings between partners and considers it their duty to openly answer questions that may arise when working with our system.

How to start to participate in the lottery? How many tickets are purchased?

Let the fortune be on our side!
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